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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

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Marketing your business is essential to getting your name in front of potential clients and increasing sales. Pay-Per-Click Marketing is an effective marketing strategy to increase your visibility online and draw customers in. This strategy involves creating an ad that is placed on a search engine, and even social media, that consumers click on and are re-directed to your website. This, in turn, increases traffic to your website and spreads the word about your business.

There are different methods to utilize pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, so it is important to choose the ones that are right for your business and fit your marketing needs. For example, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are popular options.

So how does PPC marketing work?

When a business chooses to advertise using PPC, they pay a small fee to have an ad appear in online searches by utilizing keywords. This ad then takes the customer to a landing page on your website where they can learn more about your product or service. While a small fee is part of a PPC marketing campaign, the sales you could end up with make that fee insignificant.

In order to create a winning ad that will draw more customers to you, keywords must be carefully chosen – and these work with crafted, persuasive landing pages that bring in sales. Along with that, Google Adwords rewards businesses whose ads do well and convert to sales. The more clicks your ad receives and the more relevant your landing page is, the less Google Adwords charges for your ad to appear in searches and the more often your ad will be shown.

If you focus on keyword relevance and creating quality landing pages that have persuasive writing and a clear call-to-action, your quality score will skyrocket and make Google select your ad over competitors. Those two factors can make or break PPC marketing.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Marketing:

  • A wider reach than traditional marketing campaigns
  • Easy to implement and more cost-efficient
  • A variety of options including Google Adwords and Facebook Ads
  • Ability to change and improve your ad campaign with different keywords

When you add pay-per-click marketing to your marketing campaign, you can watch your business potential expand as consumers engage with your website. With so many amazing benefits, start your new marketing strategy today – and watch your sales increase!



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