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Emergency Website Malware Removal Service

Let us fix your site and prevent suspension, blacklist or worse. Get started today with a free site scan. Our malware removal service and security analysts will scan and clean your site. Repair and protect your website now! 

Malware Removal

When you have an infection, it is no laughing matter.

We fix infected websites super fast. We will perform a complete cleanup, removing all malicious code. We perform a thorough investigation, and we fix all hacked websites within a day. There are no monthly payments, only one-time fees. We offer professional security support for your hacked website and we are the best.

Google Blacklist Removal.

Your visitors can safely access your website again, without any security warnings.

Email Blacklist Check.

If your site was used for spam activities, all your legitimate outgoing correspondence will be marked as spam.

Website, WordPress and Plugin Updates.

It’s crucial to keep your site up-to-date, including plugins and themes. This way, you will disable all the security vulnerabilities.

Continuous monitoring of your site.

24/7 monitoring for detecting suspicious activity on your website.

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If you have noticed strange activity on your website, suspect malicious software or feel like your security has been compromised in any way, you need URated’s EMERGENCY WEBSITE + BUSINESS REPAIR.


At URated we are always ‘on’, meaning that we can commit to repairing your website within 24 hours. Bye-bye malware, hello happy customers!


Providing an instant deep clean, URated’s anti-virus protection works by scanning your site from top to bottom for nasty malware. If we find malware, we instantly remove it from your files.


In most cases, Google will blacklist you from its search engine if your website is hacked or infected with malware. Once URated has secured your website, Google will restore your listing.


Imagine a rare occasion in which we cannot restore your website back to its previous glory. While this is as unlikely as being struck by lightning, if it does happen, we will give you a full refund. Service trumps everything for the team at URated, so with no risk involved, what’s left for you to lose?

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Whether you already have a web presence or are preparing to launch a new site, we provide all the services necessary to operate a functional website. 

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Are you ready to see your website explode to the top of search engine rankings.
Our team of SEO specialists will create a strategy that highlights your website’s strengths and weaknesses and puts your website on your customer’s radar.

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Don’t spend hours posting, re-posting, tweeting and tagging. Let our trained team of social media managers create a targeted posting schedule that is tailored to your personal brand. 

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